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In order to get the most out of Vital's corporate service, you will need to have an account with us. To get started, please take a look below at the different account types we provide.

If you have any questions, Click "Email Account Team" below and fill out the short form to send an email directly to our account representative team where we can promptly answer any questions you may have. If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone, you can call our account representative team directly during our business hours. (Contact info below)

To Open an Account:

Call 718-472-2500 Ext 3078 or see below.

Corporate Account

We understand how important it is to have clear, precise and easy to read invoices. Regardless of which Account option you choose:

Vital will make sure your invoices are tailored to your specifications.

Corporate Account Types:

Option 1 - Direct Bill - Invoiced weekly:

With direct bill, there are 2 authentication types:
  • Must have Voucher or VIP card (secure)
  • Driver will issue Voucher based on company requirements (flexible)

Must have Voucher/VIP Explained:

  • Authentication: We will provide your company with pre-printed vouchers and/or VIP Cards that must be given/shown(VIP Card) to our drivers.
  • Ordering: When an employee or client requests a car, they must provide the account # associated with your account.
  • Optional: If required by you, they must provide specific company requirements such as Employee # / Client # / Matter # Ect.
  • Payment: The account is billed weekly, with details of every passenger and ride completed on your account.
  • Invoices and Voucher images always available online!

Driver will issue Voucher Explained:

  • Authentication:  Passenger does not require any voucher or VIP card beforehand. Details:
  • When employees or clients request a car, as long as they provide your account # and any required company requirements required by you, they will be issued a voucher by our driver to sign.
  • Examples of Company Requirements:

    Client # / Matter # / Employee # Ect..

    We will update our system daily to prevent any unauthorized usage.
  • You can also issue VIP cards to certain employees to show to our drivers as added security.
  • This is the more flexible option as your clients aren't required to have pre-printed vouchers. However, you will be responsible for any unauthorized usage on the account. Establishing company requirements is strongly recommended when choosing this option.

Option 2 - Credit Card - All rides are charged via Credit Card:

How it works:

  • Secured Profiles: We can safely store profiles of employees so that they never have to provide a credit card.
  • Ordering: Clients will need to provide an account #, if they have profile numbers they can be used to speed up the ordering process. Two hours after the completion of your ride, the passenger's credit card will be charged.
  • In car credit card swipe technology: If passengers choose to use a different credit card in the car, they can always request to swipe their alternate card.
  • Optional Weekly Reporting: We can provide the administrator of the account a weekly report of all ride usage.
  • You can always review ride and billing information online!

Ready to open your account?

You will need to fill out a open account form and submit it to us.

  • ONLINE: Corporate Online Application

    You can fill out and sign competely online!
    Once completed, we will contact you to acknowledge and begin process of review.

  • Download (Email or Fax): Download Corporate Application

    If you prefer to email or fax the form, please download the form above.
    Fill form out via/ PDF but you must print and sign the forms if submitting by email or fax!

Personal Account

All personal accounts are setup as credit card accounts.

If you have a corporate account but are setting up your own personal account, be sure to provide the company name on the form.

ONLINE:   Personal Account Online Form

Download (Email or Fax):  Download Form

Fill out via/ PDF, print and sign before submitting!    Fax: 718-472-2643

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